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  • Photo of the Day: Hook Turn Signs

    Photo of the Day: Hook Turn Signs1

    Although we’ve had hook turn boxes at intersections in Christchurch for a few years, it may not always be obvious on approach that they’re there for your use. So a new advance information sign has now been approved in New Zealand, and the first ones have shown up in downtown Christchurch: The new signs show

  • Flashback: Portland Neighbourhood Greenways

    Flashback: Portland Neighbourhood Greenways3

    A number of the recent proposed Major Cycleways are using “neighbourhood greenway” treatments, including Rapanui/Shag Rock, Papanui Parallel, and Uni-Cycle. Most people understand the concepts of separated cycleways and shared paths that are being used for many other Major Cycleway sections. But what exactly is a neighbourhood greenway (NG) and how does it work? We’ve

  • Shouldering the burden

    Shouldering the burden5

    Around the outskirts of Christchurch, there are many “urban-fringe” roads that are popular both as recreational and commuting cycling routes. However, they are definitely not for the faint-hearted on a bike, because often they have some rather negligible shoulders provided for riding on. Coupled with higher speed limits, this introduces a worrying risk. In many

  • Can we put cyclists through Lyttelton Tunnel?

    Can we put cyclists through Lyttelton Tunnel?3

    A post currently doing the rounds on Facebook is once again raising the possibility of getting bikes through the Lyttelton Road Tunnel under their own steam. At present, the 52-year-old tunnel only allows bikes that are attached to the racks of the buses that go through. On the very odd occasion, people walking and cycling

  • Cycling and the Law: Things that can go on or with a Bike

    Cycling and the Law: Things that can go on or with a Bike2

    In our earlier legal articles we considered what counts as a cycle and where you can legally bike. Now let’s look at what you can and can’t have on your bike (well you can take it from the earlier discussion that you can’t have a petrol motor for starters…). {The usual disclaimers; not a lawyer,

  • Guest Post: The good, the bad, the ugly of Chch cycleways

    Guest Post: The good, the bad, the ugly of Chch cycleways1

    Guest blogger Robert recently went and had a look at the new Wigram overbridge and mused on other bits of our network… Well, a lot can happen in ten weeks for sure. Having reported on June 15th that the Wigram-Magdala bridge project would be completed during October, what a surprise to read on Stuff that

  • Photo of the Day: Chch Adventure Park Progress

    Photo of the Day: Chch Adventure Park Progress0

    While we bemoan how long it takes to build things like a conference centre (or at least do something with the Cathedral…), it’s great to see that the exciting new mountain-bike adventure park in the Port Hills is continuing full steam ahead. Reports have been popping out about the project, as it tracks ahead of

  • Cycling Activities for August 2016

    Cycling Activities for August 20160

    The weather continues to fool us in wondering whether the worst of winter is over or still yet to come. Either way, it’s always a good time to get on your bike, look at bikes, or at least talk about bikes! A few organised activities this month (listed below), but there’s nothing to stop you


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