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  • Suburban Car Parking and the Bike

    Suburban Car Parking and the Bike1

    It seems to be the subject that you can’t get away from when talking about any development in town. The latest Metro Sports Facility plans pop up for example, and all I hear on social media is “where will we park?” (never mind that it clearly shows off-street parking areas, and three Major Cycleway routes

  • Victoria Street Denial

    Victoria Street Denial8

    Once upon a time earthquakes shook up Christchurch. With the central city destroyed, Share an Idea seized on the opportunity to rebuild a city for people, a cycle friendly 21st century sustainable city. The broad community envisioned a creative and life-affirming response to the quakes. It did not take long for car-centred politicians to respond

  • Cycling in Chch loves Guest Posts!

    Cycling in Chch loves Guest Posts!3

    When I first got involved with Cycling in Christchurch back in 2012 (has it been that long?), I envisaged having a collection of different bloggers with different perspectives taking turns to contribute bits and pieces to the overall picture. To that end, I am inspired by the prolific work that the multi-faceted team at Transport

  • Guest Post: Hawkes Bay – Lovin’ the Network

    Guest Post: Hawkes Bay – Lovin’ the Network2

    Guest blogger Robert has been visiting Hawkes Bay… Sometimes during the debate “are cycleways a good thing for Christchurch” it is easy to point to the great cycling cities of Europe, such as Copenhagen or Amsterdam. Then to argue that, once the cycleway network is completed, all will be well and wonderful in the city


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